Dear Supplier,

Thank you for contacting us regarding the registration process.  Below please find step by step instructions on how to register to submit invoices electronically


  • Register your company using the ALTO Suite Registration electronic form
  • Select the customer that you want to send your invoices to
  • Once you select your customer's name, the following page will display.

Fill out all the required information (Supplier Name, Phone Number and Contact Email are mandatory fields) (All fields marked with * are mandatory)

*If you do not have a DUNS or GST number just leave this field blank. 

  • Upload your company logo by clicking on the upload icon and choosing your image file (jpg, png, etc.) containing your logo from your computer. (optional)


  • Click on "Next". The "Supplier Address" section will display.

  • Fill out all the required information (All fields in this section are mandatory except for "Address 2") 

*If your "Remit To" address is the same as your "Main Address", mark the check box next to "Use same main Address" 

NOTE: Remit to addresses allow us to validate your vendor information and expedite the registration process


  • Click on "Next". The "category" section will display. - this section is optional and will only be available if your customer has provided the category/sub-category data

  • Click done 
  • Once you click done the system will ask you to confirm again


  • once the registration is submitted you will get a confirmation message on your screen.


  • The customer administrator will be notified that a new supplier registration has been submitted 

  • The customer administrator will validate your supplier information and match it with the customer's vendor database 

  • If your registration request is approved and your company is enabled, you will receive an email notification from altosuite@icgteam.comPlease allow some time for the selected customer to review and enable your registration to transact. You do not need to register again.  Multiple registrations could delay the enablement process. 

Sample communication:

  • Follow the instructions on the e-mail to create your company admin credentials and password (the company admin will be able to invite other users to register)

  • Create the user name
  • Enter the first name
  • Enter the last name
  • Enter the e-mail  

The admin e-mail must match the e-mail used to register as a vendor.  This e-mail is the same e-mail copied on the "authorization to transact with the ALTO Procure to Pay Portal"

  • Enter the password
  • Confirm the password
  • Select the security question
  • Enter the security answer