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ALTO Exchange allows suppliers to submit multiple invoices against a Purchase Order as long as the Purchase Order is active and has the remaining balance to be invoiced

Suppliers are able to view and submit invoices against approved /active Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders can be accessed by:

A. Clicking the Approved POs option on the main dashboard

B. Clicking on the Purchase Order menu option

1. If the Purchase Order is available, you will be able to select the Purchase Order for invoicing.  Select a PO.

  • When is a Purchase Order not available?  the Purchase Order expired, the Purchase Order was cancelled, the Purchase Order is out of funds (out of balance).  


2. Review the Purchase Order information and click convert to invoice. Clicking converting to invoice will flip the Purchase Order to an invoice automatically

3. Enter the invoice number (20 characters max).  Duplicate invoice numbers are not allowed by the system

4. The invoice date will default to the current date.  Update the invoice date.  Future invoice dates are not allowed

5. Edit the line item if applicable (see 5.A. below)

6. Enter the applicable taxes 

7. Add the invoice copy along with any supporting documentation - (PDF format).  Invoices received without the proper attachments will be disputed/rejected back to the vendor

8. Submit the invoice

The system will automatically perform all validations before the invoices are submitted to Trimac.  In the event, an error is found with your invoice (duplicate invoice, Purchase order out of balance, etc). please make the necessary adjustments and submit the invoice again.

If you need help with the error, please send a message to trimacsupport@icgteam.com

5.A. How do I adjust a line? 

If you are sending a partial shipment, need to modify pricing  you are able to make the necessary modification by editing the PO line in question

  • Click the Edit line 

1. Modify the unit price if applicable and/or modify the Qty is applicable (partial shipment)

2. Modify delivery date if applicable

3. If taxes were entered (invoice header section) you will be able to modify the tax rates by each line if applicable (adjust the rate, remove the taxes for a specific line)

4.  Save